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Dear Parent

Michael Laycock
If you have read the rest of this website you will know how committed I am to anything to do with children and divorce and making their experience as positive as the circumstances allow. You will also know that I firmly believe that the parents can do much to influence such circumstances.

I know from years of experience in the practice of family law and being a father myself what an emotional area this is and what problems can and do arise. Involvement in a divorce or separation is emotional enough  in itself. Any close involvement with children is emotional and can be very highly charged releasing in many cases previously unexperienced feelings, thoughts and emotions.  So combine the divorce with the involvement of children , hence children and divorce and you have a potentially explosive set of circumstances. What I want to achieve for my readers and their families is a realization, an awareness in the very early stages , first to realize that your relationship is breaking down, how that is likely to effect any children involved and what you can do to ensure the defusing of this potentially explosive situation. To ensure that you realize at the beginning what your goals are for your children so as

 What I want to achieve for my readers and their families is a realization

to ensure positive outcomes for them. So as to equip them with successful strategies for dealing with this and other future losses and changes in their lives. Turn what appears a disaster into a positive experience you all can grow forward  from.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this site or the subject of divorce and children I will enjoy hearing from you.




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