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Family Law June 2007  
"..a very helpful resource, which will benefit the children of parents using it.."
Written by Michael Laycock   

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Dear Parent

If you are experiencing the prospect of separation and divorce or are already there have you thought about what and how to tell your children about divorce. Are you worried about the Imageharmful effects of divorce on children: about the problems for children of divorce. Are you worried about them becoming withdrawn, falling out with their friends, becoming isolated or distracted from their studies? Will they blame you?

These are just some of the examples of what might happen if your situation is not handled, or handled badly or in the wrong way.          

So you are concerned about the effects of divorce on your children. All this at a time when you are on an emotional roller coaster, having to deal with an onslaught of practical legal and emotional problems just when you feel least able to handle all this for yourself let alone to be there for your children.
Do you want to know how to help kids deal with divorce and avoid the adverse emotional effects of divorce on children?

Well, it does not have to be like that. You donít have to worry about the effects of divorce on children. It can be that divorce is not bad on children. There are ways of helping children cope with divorce.

Are you worried about the harmful effects of divorce on children

I have spent some 23 years in legal practice as a divorce lawyer and am now a practicing family mediator. I am the father of 3 children, have been through separation and divorce myself. I have witnessed at first hand the effects of divorce on children .I know about divorce and how it affects children. So I have had plenty of time and experience to work on how to deal with the effects on the children. I have felt, deeply, very deeply, what it is like and have spent a lot of time looking for and thinking about solutions.     

So whilst you might feel alone, lost in uncharted waters, not in control together with loads of other emotions what you are feeling is in fact normal. Just like thousands of others including myself. We are all concerned with our children and divorce.Image

Are you afraid that your child will become depressed, angry, demotivated and of the other effects of divorce on children.
I will teach you how to keep your children motivated, on track so they donít fall out with their friends and to avoid the adverse emotional effects of divorce on children. I will help you step by step and day by day, and it does take time, I do not promise overnight solutions. With the help of my solutions you will be able to recognize the impact of divorce on children, and deal with the problems faced by your children. You will recognize and see the light at the end of the tunnel, how to get there and enable your children to overcome the effects of divorce on children and for them to be successful in life.



1.  Preserve self esteem in the children of divorce. Help your children deal with and overcome separation and divorce to avoid family problems escalating and overwhelming you.


2.  Discover what when and how to tell your children about your divorce and to lessen the negative effects of divorce on children.


3.  Why you need to learn what your child is feeling at different developmental stages: the effects of divorce on children will be influenced by their age.


4.  Why you need to know about divorce, the social impact on children and the long term effects of divorce on children and increase your skills to help the children of divorce get through it, thrive and grow into productive loving adults.


 5. The secrets to negotiating with your children to benefit them during and after your divorce and separation and strengthen your relations with them.


6.  Why it is important to understand the psychological effects of divorce on children ,how to normalize your childrenís life and get them off an emotional rollercoaster so leading to successful outcomes for the children of divorce.


7.  Enjoy learning to communicate with your children, permitting them to express their feelings and prepare them for change.


 8.  Benefit your children by learning the importance of good co-parenting and why it's important to uncover and separate your role as an ex-partner from your role as that of parent; one has finished and the other goes on forever. So resolve to become a positive influence on your children of divorce.


9.  What you need to know to maintain stability and calm within your children if matters go to court and how to deal with the professionals who might become involved with your children and divorce.


10.  Penetrate the future by becoming aware of divorce and the social impact on children , learning how to help your children be positive about relationships hence to avoid becoming afraid of the world.                                           



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